Uzbek national cuisine

Uzbek national cuisine – it is really something amazing! In Uzbekistan, everyone knows how to cook!

The number of dishes in uzbek national cuisine is such a huge, that it is probable impossible to calculate them, furthermore in every region they are different.

Firstly, guests enjoy green tea with sweets and fruits and then it’s time for hot dishes. There are a thousand ways to cook lamb or dishes of mung bean and chickpea, soups, Kuurdak, Chuchvara, Lagman, Dimlama, Shurpa, Manti, Samsa etc. Traditional plov (pilaf, a dish in which rice and oriental spices eaten without the use of utensils, with the right hand) can be cooked every day, and at the festive table – this is the best meal.

Uzbek cuisine is a real universe, that you can explore during all your life.

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