The Holy City

There is such a beautiful city in Uzbekistan, which is already about two thousand years old. The city is famous not only for its anciety, but also for the historical heritage, including the constructions starting from 10th up to 17th centuries. During this period, it was not only one of the busiest places on the Great Silk Road, but also the center of Islamic World. This is the reason why they also call Bukhara as the Holy City.

Besides breathtaking views of ancient, yet majestic buildings, the city is famous for its legendary individuals. As an example we can call one of the greatest scholars in Islam, the author of the greatest book of hadith (sayings of prophet Muhammad s.a.v.), imam Al-Bukhari.

The city is so rich in history that you may want to explore as much as possible. So, I would like you to go ahead and click here for more interesting details on Bukhara.

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