Silk Road walnuts

We stopped at the southern part of Kyrgyzstan last time. Southern Kyrgyzstan is so rich with amazing places, filled with Silk Road spirit, that it is impossible to leave it without visiting certain places.

The country is pretty small and many may think that it does not really have anything that important, which is worldwide. How wrong this opinion would be… For instance, a lot of people may not even have an idea that Kyrgyzstan has the-biggest-in-the-world walnut forest! So, it is the largest walnut exporter on Earth!

Impressive, isn’t it? The forest is in Osh’s neighbor district – Jalal-Abad and it is called “Arslanbab”. Located on and around mountains, the forest is so huge and rich with great walnut trees. They can live up to 1000 years and are full of harvest every year.

For the people of Kyrgyzstan, Arslanbab is even more famous as a perfect resort! They not only use the fruit of it, but also enjoy its scenery with beautiful waterfalls and peaceful atmosphere. Its cool weather is what attracts the visitors in hot summer days and spend calming and comforting vacations.

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