Silk Road Caravanserai

While learning about the Great Silk Road, there come so many simple questions that are actually worth attention. One of them is: “If the Silkway was that long and there were no such vehicles to travel as fast as today, then how and where did the travelers spend the nights on the way?”

Fortunately, there are some answers even with specific proofs. Thanks to the masters of those times, who built such strong “hotels”, that were able to survive till our days. They are the caravanserais, that served as inns for the travelers of this great route. The one in Kyrgyzstan’s Naryn province is called Tash Rabat. It is situated in the middle of nowhere, so far away from civilization.

Some argue that Tash Rabat may have been a Christian or Buddhist monastery before it was turned into a caravanserai, but there is little evidence to support this theory. However, it is incredible how great it still looks going through so many centuries. It was built only with stones, which may be the reason why it is so stable and got the name Tash Rabat, which means “Stone Door”.

It would be a nice experience to visit that ancient caravanserai, however, the extreme isolation among the mountains and hard weather conditions make it difficult to reach whenever the person wants. However, in suitable weather, it will be a nice trip back to history and there is a possibility as well to stay in one of the yurts nearby for a night.

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