San Tash

There are such mysteries around the lake of Issyk Kul, which leaves everyone intrigued. Click hereto see what else the lake is hiding around. What I will show you today is not something that is self-explanatory, like the ancient rock paintings in Cholpon Ata. All you see in the photo above is the collection of small stones and nothing more, isn’t it?

However, those stones meant much more than you could have ever imagined to the people in history! They call this place “San Tash”, which means, “counting stone” from Kyrgyz language. What was the reason? Here you will find out:

Many sources of history say that one of the greatest leaders in the world – Tamerlan once visited the territories of modern Kyrgyzstan and spent pretty much time there as well. The legends say that once Tamerlan left to the battle with his soldiers by this territory and on the way he and soldiers left a stone each in one place. After they returned, they took a stone back. Those stones, that remained on the ground belonged to the soldiers killed in the battle…

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