More ancient one…

Let me take you to the south part of Kyrgyzstan today! There is a special city, which is said to have been existed for over 3000 years already.

Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan. According to the artifacts found in the territory, the city existed back in the fifth century B.C. There are several legends about the origin of the city – including claims to have been founded by Solomon or Alexander the Great.

The Ak-Buura River runs through the city from North to South, and to the west is Sulaiman Too (“Solomon’s mountain”), which dominates the city.

At the top there is a nice museum in the cave, and a mosque built in 1497 by the 14 year old Babur, who had recently been crowned King of the Ferghana Valley; he later went on to become the founder of the Mogul dynasty in India; the mosque was destroyed and rebuilt twice, and is another center for pilgrimage.

Osh is definitely a town where you can walk around for hours, without too much sightseeing, just to get to know the culture and feel the place for yourself.

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