Kyrgyzstan’s Pearl

As every other counrty around the world, Kyrgyzstan also has many natural gift, which make it proud and famous among its neighbors. One of those gifts we will talk about today is the lake Issyk Kul…

The lake is located at the the province with the same name “Issyk Kul”, which literally means “warm lake” from Kyrgyz. The reason lake never freezes because of the fact that the level of saltiness is pretty high. Issyk Kul hides a lot of wonders in itself, one of which is that many rivers flow into the lake, but there is no river, which flows from it. Despite this fact, the level of water in the lake always remains the same!

Another wonder is that very ancient city of Chigu Chen was discovered under the lake. Incredible and hard to imagine that once a whole city of people used to live in the place, which is now covered with water… The following video gives one of the best images of that beautiful and mysterious lake:

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