Explore Ancient City

It is very exciting to know that no need to travel far inside Kyrgyzstan, in order to see ancient sights. For instance, not more than hour away from the capital, there is a city, called Tokmok. Not everyone may have heard about it, but Burana Tower is pretty famous around Central Asia.

Situated in South of Tokmok – the tower is the proof that the ancient city of Balasugan had existed there. It was one of the capital cities of the Karahanid kaganate in the 10-12th centuries.  The history of the town was a short one. In 1218 Balasagun yielded to the front line troops of the myriad Mongol horde and by the middle of the XIV century ceased to exist.

The name of the tower – Burana, comes from the Arabic “monar”, minaret. There are different legends about the purpose of building this tower. One of the most famous one says that a mighty local khan ordered its construction as a refuge for his only daughter, for a fortune teller had foretold her death from the bite of a karakurt – a poisonous spider. Despite the father’s efforts to foil the fates, the prophesy came true and the daughter perished from the bite of the spider brought inside the refuge together with black grapes. The tower became the mausoleum of the khan’s daughter.

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