City Underwater

Last time I mentioned about the ancient city under Issyk Kul lake. They call it “Chigu Chen” – the capital of the great empire “Usun”. They say that Usun is the origin of Kyrgyz and Kazakh nationalities. Unfortunately, that city was destroyed and left under water and was discovered in recent years, not earlier than 1985.

Archeologists found variety of things that the citizens of Chigu used in every day lives, including tools made of stone, ceramics, metal; souvenirs out of different animal horns, agricultural tools and so on. Although the city was not able to remain as whole, there is some very accurate information in Chinese historical books. For example, only in those book you can find out about the wooden palace for the special wife of Usun king.

That woman was actually a Chinese princess. In order to tighten the friendly relations between two countries, they organized this kind of marriage. The Chinese princess was not used to nomadic lifestyle and got sick easily. The Usun king loved her much and built a special palace in Chinese style for her. There are some books as well, which tell more about this beautiful story.

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