Capital of Uzbekistan

I am really excited to share my impressions on this beautiful city with you guys! Tashkent is the capital of Central Asia’s Pearl, Uzbekistan. It is also said to be the biggest city of th country with the population of more than two million citizens. This is really impressing when compared to the population of Kyrgyzstan as a whole (just more than five million people)!

Tashkent has been in the center of attention during variety of governments through history. Its unique name is literally translated as “Stone City”. Many associate this with the fact that unlike its neighbor regions, the territory is plain and rich with stones without valleys or hills.

Nowadays, Tashkent is developing so rapidly that the one, who visited a month ago, may not be able to recognize it when he comes back! There is a big variety of facilities to the visitors and locals for entertainments and therefore it already became the city of many people’s dream!

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