I wonder if you have ever heard of the city called Bukhara. If not, then be ready to feel surprised at how you could have missed such wonderland!

Located on the Great Silk Road, Bukhara has already been existing for 2000 years. Starting from the 8th century, the city has become the very center of culture, economy and Islamic civilization. In this very city were held the busiest trades, deals and meetings among the people from all over the world.

To prove its rich history, there are so many majestic buildings and memorials in the city. The way how they were preserved perfectly through so much time is worth praises. Those masterpieces include the Ismail Samani tomb, Poi-Kalyan minaret, the lyabi-Khauz complex, madrasah of Ulugbek and so much more. Each of them are to be explored separately.

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