Ancient Galleries


Do not think that the lake Issyk-Kul is the only sight to see in the region. Except for the pristine water, beautiful beaches and glaciers around, there is something else worth checking out. It is an open air museum in Cholpon Ata town.

What makes the place unlike the rest of beauties in Issyk-Kul, it is the masterpiece, created not by the nature, but by the ancient people themselves, who once lived in those regions. The territory is full of ancient monuments, such as stone paintings. It is the real art gallery, once created by Andronic or Arian tribes and was continued by Saka tribes later on. The amount of those petroglyphs reached two thousand and remained whole till our days.

The rock paintings there represent the values, beliefs and traditions of ancient people. For instance, you can see the pictures of people hunting, verses that seem a lot like a prayer and a lot more heritage. The mysteries of paintings of different animals, some of which do not even live in the area, still remain unsolved.

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