Pearl of Central Asia

Silk Road is a book, which so rich with beauties, history and each of its part is a separate chapter out of that huge book. We have discovered its center, Kyrgyzstan, for a while now and we have enough of an idea what kind of a destination it is for foreigners. Now the turn comes to another important part of the great route…

Uzbekistan is that very place, also called as the Pearl of Central Asia. This country has been keeping its culture, treasures from Silk Road as pupil of an eye. Therefore it stands out among many countries with bright traditions, values and beauty of the country itself. Below is a short welcome for You to the land of wonders!

Visit Canyons

Let me remind you again how Great the Silk Road is! On this way there are so many wonders, beautiful adventures which will be hardly seen in other places. There can be the same attractions here from the west, but what is found here is definitely rare in other side of the world!

For instance, they may say that Grand Canyon is one of a kind nature’s wonder in the whole world. However, let me take you guys to the little country Kyrgyzstan, which hides almost the same treasure as Americans have! That is the canyons of Konorchek, located not far from Bishkek city.

The canyons strech up to 200 km, which makes it impossible to explore the place for one day. It also reminds the person of a difficult labyrynth and this is what makes it more attractive!

Spring Tours

Spring is one of the most favorite seasons of Kyrgyz people. The reasons are bunch but the main one among them is the fact that this is the richest with holiday throughout the year and each of them is so special and close to the nation’s heart.

For instance, the day of Navruz, March 21, is the New Year of Central Asian countries. Even before that they celebrate the International Women’s day with the whole world. May 9 is a real treasure, because this is when the former Soviet Union countries, including Kyrgyzstan, celebrate the victory after World War 2. I can go on with the list more, but let us do this:

Here is a good deal from Ecotour of Kyrgyzstan. It offers a nice tour package in this beautiful period of the year and wants to do its best to show the tourists the beauty of the season in the region.

Paragliding in KG

I do not know how to express my gratitude to Lord that the dream of flying came true not only at the countries, where they thought of paragliding, but also in so many other places, including the lands of a great Silk Road! If only the landscape of a country is suitable for such activity, that’s it – make a wish, take a chance, make a change and break away!

Kyrgyzstan, with its vast variety of hills, mountains and valleys, provides a huge opportunity to go for paragliding tours. They are held especially in the middle of spring and summers, while the weather is clear and safe for flying. Here is a little introduction to this sport in Kyrgyzstan:

Flying is Real!

Time is running, not even running but flying too fast… And the changes that come and go with it are also as much and fast as the time itself. I remember my grandfather say in awe that when he was a little boy, he did not even have in his imaginations that one day we would be talking to him on the phone from thousands of miles away…But now, the phone is the simplest and most common thing we can imagine…

People also had no idea before that someday, the humanity will not have to spend crazy amount of days on the cold, long and dangerous roads to reach a certain place. Now, the airplanes seem so common and simple, that excites almost no one…

However, no one else got bored and used to paragliding, since it is always full of excitement and life every single time! It has the uniqueness of letting the person be with nature directly and feel like the part of it! It seems incredible and scary for some others, but what most of us believe is that it is really worth trying at least once!

Better see once…

After the descriptions of that wonderful valley of Suusamyr, I think it is perfect to see it with own eyes as well. The video was actualy made by the Kazakh professional skiers, who are just fond of exploring the winter sports destinations around and finally ended up here, in the very center of Tian Shan mountains.

Their experience on Celestials definitely look amazing and full of life. Just a little warning: once you watch the video, you may have the strong desire to be there in their place! On the other hand, it is not omething ipossible either. So, take a deep breath and get it started!

Suusamyr Valley

Tian Shan mountain range is one of the best natural gifts, among those that are located on the Great Silk Road. Each of those celestial mountains are unique and have their own names and qualities. Today I will introduce you to the very heart of this mountai range.

Suusamyr is located right in the middle of Tien Shan mountain system. The height of its peaks can reach up to 4500 meters. This is how it kept its virginity better than some other parts of the range.

However, people still find the way to reach it and enjoy the beauty of it. The main activity, which can be done on that valley is heli-skiing, since the snow condition is always perfect and the helicopter is the best way of going up to the valley.


Here are some bitter sweet emotions of mine: winter is coming to an end, which makes me sad and on the other hand, I would not really mind seeing the enchanting beauty of spring either!

What we will all miss about winter is of course the fun activities we could do during that season. however, this site says that it is too early to feel down. The thing is, in so many places, spring does not really mean the end of snow and entertainments at ski resorts.

For instance, the snowcapped mountains of Kyrgyzstan are always ready to welcome the visitors for super extreme activity – heli skiing. No matter if it is spring or even summer (!), you can still enjoy the rush of adrenaline going down the highest slopes of the country!


I am sure that not everyone was super excited about my posts about skiing or ice skating in Silk Road. The reason is pretty much clear: not everyone can ski or skate and therefore is not much in love with them.

Thankfully, there is another type of winter entertainment, which does not really require that many skills as for skiing and skating. That way out is snowboarding. Despite the easiness of using snowmobile, it is able to give as much adrenaline as any other winter sport does! You can imagine what it is actually like if you had the experience of slay rides in childhood:

Imagine going up to the height or not that high hills, sitting or lying on your slays, take a deep breath and take off!!! You have no idea how this ride will end up but for the sake of that adrenaline you are ready to take such a risk!

Skating for Fun

While winter is still here, we surely want to make the best of it. After some offers of skiing, here comes another one, which is in fact no less than previous ones. Ice skating is what I would like to remind you of!

For those who previously went for professional ice skating, it may not seem that exciting. However, unlike usual skating rinks, there is an amazing recreational center in Kyrgyzstan’s Chuy province, which offers a real open air ice skating rink.

Located just about an hour from Bishkek, Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a great destination for enjoying skating experiences. The name itself already tells about its coziness and friendly atmosphere. Here on the official site you can find more information about the place.