Suusamyr Valley

Tian Shan mountain range is one of the best natural gifts, among those that are located on the Great Silk Road. Each of those celestial mountains are unique and have their own names and qualities. Today I will introduce you to the very heart of this mountai range.

Suusamyr is located right in the middle of Tien Shan mountain system. The height of its peaks can reach up to 4500 meters. This is how it kept its virginity better than some other parts of the range.

However, people still find the way to reach it and enjoy the beauty of it. The main activity, which can be done on that valley is heli-skiing, since the snow condition is always perfect and the helicopter is the best way of going up to the valley.


Here are some bitter sweet emotions of mine: winter is coming to an end, which makes me sad and on the other hand, I would not really mind seeing the enchanting beauty of spring either!

What we will all miss about winter is of course the fun activities we could do during that season. however, this site says that it is too early to feel down. The thing is, in so many places, spring does not really mean the end of snow and entertainments at ski resorts.

For instance, the snowcapped mountains of Kyrgyzstan are always ready to welcome the visitors for super extreme activity – heli skiing. No matter if it is spring or even summer (!), you can still enjoy the rush of adrenaline going down the highest slopes of the country!


I am sure that not everyone was super excited about my posts about skiing or ice skating in Silk Road. The reason is pretty much clear: not everyone can ski or skate and therefore is not much in love with them.

Thankfully, there is another type of winter entertainment, which does not really require that many skills as for skiing and skating. That way out is snowboarding. Despite the easiness of using snowmobile, it is able to give as much adrenaline as any other winter sport does! You can imagine what it is actually like if you had the experience of slay rides in childhood:

Imagine going up to the height or not that high hills, sitting or lying on your slays, take a deep breath and take off!!! You have no idea how this ride will end up but for the sake of that adrenaline you are ready to take such a risk!

Skating for Fun

While winter is still here, we surely want to make the best of it. After some offers of skiing, here comes another one, which is in fact no less than previous ones. Ice skating is what I would like to remind you of!

For those who previously went for professional ice skating, it may not seem that exciting. However, unlike usual skating rinks, there is an amazing recreational center in Kyrgyzstan’s Chuy province, which offers a real open air ice skating rink.

Located just about an hour from Bishkek, Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a great destination for enjoying skating experiences. The name itself already tells about its coziness and friendly atmosphere. Here on the official site you can find more information about the place.

Kashka Suu

I am sorry if there are more and more choices for winter activities that are making your head spin around, but believe me, I can’t help it! I just cannot keep this inside since it is all worth seeing!

So, today also I will be introducing a brand new destination to go. Even though the activity you will do there is pretty much the same, the place itself does have something special.

Kashka Suu is another wonder ski base of Kyrgyzstan. Just like Orlovka, it also is located pretty close to Bishkek. It stands out with more numbers of cabins to stay there, the comfort of less crowd and breathtaking beauty.

Unlike Karakol ski base,  Kashka Suu is a lot cheaper. The rentals are pretty affordable and if you do not plan staying in the cabins then no  other expenses.

Winter vacations

Since many of us still enjoying free time during winter breaks, I would love to share more and more options for making it as fun as possible. I really hope that you liked Karakol ski-base, which I introduced you the last time. If you did, let me take you to somewhere else of the same kind.

This ski-base is located much nearer to the Bishkek city, approximately 90 km away from the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. They call it Orlovka and I can call it one of the top favorites of local people.

Just like any other nice skiing zone, Orlovka is the place with great snow condition, routes for skiing or snowboarding, cable cars and so much more. The best thing is that is not far from the capital, which saves time for road!

Silk Road Entertainments

The Great Silk road in Kyrgyzstan is rich with not only historical heritage, but also modern entertainment centers, especially in winter! One of those great sites is located just in the same province with San Tash – Issyk Kul province, city of Karakol. This is where the best ski-base of the country is located. Take a look at what attractions the ski resort offers and what kind of emotions it will present to the visitors through the following video:

San Tash

There are such mysteries around the lake of Issyk Kul, which leaves everyone intrigued. Click hereto see what else the lake is hiding around. What I will show you today is not something that is self-explanatory, like the ancient rock paintings in Cholpon Ata. All you see in the photo above is the collection of small stones and nothing more, isn’t it?

However, those stones meant much more than you could have ever imagined to the people in history! They call this place “San Tash”, which means, “counting stone” from Kyrgyz language. What was the reason? Here you will find out:

Many sources of history say that one of the greatest leaders in the world – Tamerlan once visited the territories of modern Kyrgyzstan and spent pretty much time there as well. The legends say that once Tamerlan left to the battle with his soldiers by this territory and on the way he and soldiers left a stone each in one place. After they returned, they took a stone back. Those stones, that remained on the ground belonged to the soldiers killed in the battle…

City Underwater

Last time I mentioned about the ancient city under Issyk Kul lake. They call it “Chigu Chen” – the capital of the great empire “Usun”. They say that Usun is the origin of Kyrgyz and Kazakh nationalities. Unfortunately, that city was destroyed and left under water and was discovered in recent years, not earlier than 1985.

Archeologists found variety of things that the citizens of Chigu used in every day lives, including tools made of stone, ceramics, metal; souvenirs out of different animal horns, agricultural tools and so on. Although the city was not able to remain as whole, there is some very accurate information in Chinese historical books. For example, only in those book you can find out about the wooden palace for the special wife of Usun king.

That woman was actually a Chinese princess. In order to tighten the friendly relations between two countries, they organized this kind of marriage. The Chinese princess was not used to nomadic lifestyle and got sick easily. The Usun king loved her much and built a special palace in Chinese style for her. There are some books as well, which tell more about this beautiful story.

Ancient Galleries

Ancient Galleries


Do not think that the lake Issyk-Kul is the only sight to see in the region. Except for the pristine water, beautiful beaches and glaciers around, there is something else worth checking out. It is an open air museum in Cholpon Ata town.

What makes the place unlike the rest of beauties in Issyk-Kul, it is the masterpiece, created not by the nature, but by the ancient people themselves, who once lived in those regions. The territory is full of ancient monuments, such as stone paintings. It is the real art gallery, once created by Andronic or Arian tribes and was continued by Saka tribes later on. The amount of those petroglyphs reached two thousand and remained whole till our days.

The rock paintings there represent the values, beliefs and traditions of ancient people. For instance, you can see the pictures of people hunting, verses that seem a lot like a prayer and a lot more heritage. The mysteries of paintings of different animals, some of which do not even live in the area, still remain unsolved.