Skiing in Suusamyr (Kyrgyzstan)

As you know, Kyrgyzstan is rich in mountains and has many beautiful places for ski holidays.

For example, Suusamyr mountains are located in the middle of Tien Shan mountain system in 130 km from the capital of Kyrgyzstan- Bishkek.
The mountains here reach up to 4,500 meters, and snow depths up to 2.5 m. Skiing, snowbording, heli-skiing in the heights of the Suusamyr is an unforgettable experience!

Kyrgyzstan is a great place to spend wintertime fun, especially for active holidays!

Cocina nacional uzbeka

Cocina nacional uzbeka – es realmente algo increíble! En Uzbekistán, todo el mundo sabe cómo cocinar!

El número de platos de la cocina nacional uzbeka es tal un enorme, que es probable imposible calcularlos, Además, en todas las regiones son diferentes.

en primer lugar, guests enjoy green tea with sweets and fruits and then it’s time for hot dishes. There are a thousand ways to cook lamb or dishes of mung bean and chickpea, sopas, Kuurdak, Dumplings, Lagman, Secamente, Shurpa, Manti, Samsa etc. Traditional plov (pilaf, un plato en el que el arroz y especias orientales comen sin el uso de utensilios, con la mano derecha) se puede cocinar todos los días, y en la mesa festiva – esta es la mejor comida.

Cocina uzbeka is a real universe, que se puede explorar durante toda su vida.


I wonder if you have ever heard of the city called Bukhara. If not, then be ready to feel surprised at how you could have missed such wonderland!

Located on the Great Silk Road, Bukhara has already been existing for 2000 years. Starting from the 8th century, the city has become the very center of culture, economy and Islamic civilization. In this very city were held the busiest trades, deals and meetings among the people from all over the world.

To prove its rich history, there are so many majestic buildings and memorials in the city. The way how they were preserved perfectly through so much time is worth praises. Those masterpieces include the Ismail Samani tomb, Poi-Kalyan minaret, the lyabi-Khauz complex, madrasah of Ulugbek and so much more. Each of them are to be explored separately.


In that very region of Kharezm, there is a very ancient city, called Khiva. Filled with precious historical – architectural heritage, the city is one of the main treasures of Uzbekistan.

According to historical data, they started establishing the city at the beginning of our current era. It is worth to note that Itchan Kala, the beautiful masterpiece of architecture is the very first site in Uzbekistan, which was listed in the World heritage list.

The stories about how this city became known as Khiva are interesting. Most of them are connected with its water. They say that years ago, when the visitors came to the city, they tried fine water and said: “Khey Vah!, which is the expression of extreme joy. Later on it was changed to “Khiva”.


Is it the first time you are running into this wordlazgi”? Well, I can only tell you that it is the name of the hottest, the most colorful and interesting national dance of Uzbekistan!

Lazgi is usually danced in Kharezm region of Uzbekistan, which is in fact, also one of the most ancient places of the country. So, before exploring that province, I invite you to take a look at beautiful costumes and dance moves of that Lazgi. All you need to do is to click play and enjoy the song!

Weekend in Uzbekistan

They say that as soon as you learn a theory, it is very important to put it into practice. I guess, the same goes with tours. Learning about a new place fills a person with so much enthusiasm that you want to visit it right away!

I can be pretty sure that three major cities of Uzbekistan are attractive enough to cause much interest in tour lovers. Since it is the middle of summer vacations for many of you, there are less obstacles, which may stop you to stop visiting there.

However, if you are a working person even now, then you must take advantage of at least your weekends. There are amazing tour offers for spending a wonderful weekend in Uzbekistan in the link. I really hope it will be useful for you!

Round we Run

Whenever you get a chance to talk to the citizens of Uzbekistan, it will be really very easy to find out how they love their country. In every other word, they do not get tired of boasting about their beautiful motherland and its treasures. No need to be surprised; Uzbekistan is worth all those praises for sure.

To prove the words above, I am going to share this video clip, where by the way, you will be able to see the best of Bukhara city! The singer is famous as Gogoosha in Uzbekistan as not only an active show business lady, but also as a politician, enterprenuer and the daughter of the president! Intriguing? Go ahead and clickPlay”!

The Holy City

There is such a beautiful city in Uzbekistan, which is already about two thousand years old. The city is famous not only for its anciety, but also for the historical heritage, including the constructions starting from 10th up to 17th centuries. During this period, it was not only one of the busiest places on the Great Silk Road, but also the center of Islamic World. This is the reason why they also call Bukhara as the Holy City.

Besides breathtaking views of ancient, yet majestic buildings, the city is famous for its legendary individuals. As an example we can call one of the greatest scholars in Islam, the author of the greatest book of hadith (sayings of prophet Muhammad s.a.v.), imam Al-Bukhari.

The city is so rich in history that you may want to explore as much as possible. So, I would like you to go ahead and click here for more interesting details on Bukhara.


Awww!!! My dear friends, I could do nothing but share this precious thing with you today!!!

I invite you guys to watch this beauuutiful clip of an Uzbek singer, which was not only just taken in two beautiful cities of Uzbekistan, Tashkent and Samarkand, but also was actually devoted to them! This is not the one, which was made with the latest technology, but still it will let you feel at least a little taste of those destinations.

I’d like to note that the singer is really very famous in Uzbekistan with the name Lola. She has been to so many foreign countries and despite that you can still see how much she loves her motherland!

Museum under the sky

What you see in the picture above looks a lot like some ancient city, which used to exist centuries before. However, I am really glad to inform that this is not only the history, but also the precious destination, with which Uzbekistan feels full of pride! Dear friends, welcome to Samarkand!

Samarkand is the land of wonders, beautiful history and bright culture. This is the place, where each and every tourist in Central Asia wishes to find himself. Those, who are familiar with history are aware that the city had been the center of development during each civilization it went through. For instance, during the times of Amir Temur (Tamerlan), the most beautiful symbols of architecture were built.

Great poets, scientists and leaders have also left irreplacable giftsloads of knowledge and wisdom in their masterpieces, most of which were able to survive till our days and are translated into many other languages.